January 08, 2013

Meagan is another reason why we LOVE what we do. She came into our studio full of joy and excitement. She had a life changing year and was ready to do something fun just for herself. When she cried at first sight of one of her photographs, we knew we were doing something special for someone very special. We asked Meagan to share her inspirational story and some of her before photographs with us. We thought this post would be the perfect inspiration for anyone needing a fresh outlook on life and themselves in this new year. Thank you Meagan for your beauty and sharing your something so personal with us!

In Meagan’s own words:
Hello! My name is Meagan and I’m a 28 year old lover of Jesus, born and raised in Southern Cali.

I read and write profusely in my free time. Nothing beats a Meagan moment. I Stumble. I laugh often. I spill and I’m clumsy. Let me just put it out there that I’m horrible at giving driving directions and sometimes simple jokes go right over my head. I’m also not the best cook but I can make a pretty bomb cupcake!

My entire life I’ve been overweight. Largest kid in my 4th grade class room coming in at 126lbs. Custom made band uniforms in High School…yes, custom made and four years of band camp…eek!. I didn’t have many friends growing up. I’d spend my weekends inside buried in a book, sketching or making my infamous beaded necklaces and bracelets while my siblings were out playing until the street lights came on. I was not an active child.

As life went on and I entered my awkward teens and adult hood, I just kept getting bigger, especially during my relationship seasons, those always seemed to make me more comfortable and by comfortable, I mean obese. In May of 2011, I got out of an unhealthy relationship and that’s when I really faced the reality of how physically unhealthy I was. That’s when my life changed.

I did the typical “If I was thinner, he would of stayed” speech to myself in the mirror. Even my faithful girlfriends gave me the “Girl, he doesn’t know what he’s missing” lecture but, I just felt…blah. So I impulsively signed up for a gym membership and started working out everyday. I Completely changed my eating habits, read up on blogs, forums, and books on the latest effective workouts. I measured and weighed myself once a week, counted and tracked ALL my calories, personal trainers, yoga, private cardio kick boxing classes. You name it, I worked it. Instead of running to ice cream, I ran on the treadmill…ok, maybe just a little bit of ice cream!

I will admit, at first, it was for him. Then I got smart and realized that this had nothing to do with him, or anyone else. This was about me. This was about building my confidence. Defining who I finally am in this adult life. Creating a new standard for myself and finally respecting the body that God created just for me! I truly knew that I was doing it for myself when the weight loss actually stayed off and my new habits weren’t “new” anymore but they were my normal.

So this is me! 18 months later, 85lbs lighter. From a size 22 to a 12 (a 10 on a good day, ladies, you know what I mean!). Even though I still have a healthy 40 more pounds to loose, I’m choosing to celebrate this new life. Right now.

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Here are some of Meagan’s BEFORE & AFTER photographs – before she lost an amazing 85 lbs, when she first came into our studio and after a fabulous makeover and photo shoot with us. We want to note that it’s not about the weight but how happy and healthy Meagan is!