February 16, 2014

At Je T’aime Beauty, we can’t stress enough how important posing is when taking beauty and boudoir portraits. Most women are not born supermodels and don’t naturally know how to pose in the most flattering way so it’s up to us to direct and pose our clients. We don’t expect our clients to know how to pose, but just trust us in guiding them to creating amazing imagery. We love creating beautiful shapes with our clients and teaching them how to model from head-to-toe. One of our biggest strengths as a studio is creating poses that look natural yet sexy at the same time. Our clients love that we give them specific directions and all they have to focus on is following our instructions and having a great time. So if you are worry you don’t know how to pose, stop worrying and leave the hard stuff to us.

To learn how to properly direct and pose your clients, join us for our boudoir workshop in May! We will teach posing tips and techniques to help you be more confident in directing and posing your clients. And posing well also means less post-production work. Contact workshops@jetaimebeauty.com for more details!

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