What is Je T’aime Beauty?
We are a glamour beauty & boudoir photography studio in Costa Mesa (Orange County) specializing in making women look and feel beautiful.  At our studio, you will receive a fabulous makeover by our professional hair & makeup artist followed by a 1 hour photo shoot with our experienced portrait photographer.  Our style is modern glamour – portraits that have the feel of modern day women magazines, beauty makeup and fashion ads.  We love making every woman feel gorgeous and we encourage women to share in this experience with their mom, sisters or girlfriends.  It’s a fun way to get pampered and dolled up for the day.  Most of our girls plan a night out on the town because we guarantee you will look amazing!

Why Je T’aime Beauty?
We know how to make women look & feel beautiful.  We understand a woman’s body and channel a woman’s confidence through our photographs.  From our professional hair & makeup artist to our photographer, we are all trained and experienced in the art of beauty.  Our photographer, Kim Le has years of experience photographing women.  She knows how to pose and direct women to bring forth their beauty and make each image truly amazing.  We want to create an incredible experience for each woman that comes into our studio.  Let’s just say we have gotten bitten by the beauty bug and we want to share that with all of you.


Where does the session take place?
Your makeover and photo shoot will take place at our private, glam studio in Costa Mesa, CA.

When can I do my session?
We have openings 7 days a week depending on availability and on a first come, first serve basis.  Our weekends are typically booked out 6 months in advance.

What products are available?
We have beautiful prints, albums and handmade folio boxes available for purchase after your session. You can also purchase a disc of high resolution images from your session.

When & how can I see my images?
Your proofs are typically ready 10-14 days after your session.  We recommend you returning to the studio so we can figure out what images are the best but we can also set up a private, password protected online gallery if that is more convenient for you.

Can I bring my girlfriend, mom or sister along to the session?
Most definitely!  We love sharing this experience with all women!  Most of clients book the session with their mom, sisters or girlfriends and make it a girls day out.  Each of you will have your own individual makeover and photoshoot and we will wrap up with some group shots as well. It’s fun getting pampered and sharing something so special with the ones you love.  We can reserve the whole studio for your party and have special Glam Parties for bigger groups.  Our studio can accommodate groups up to 10.

But I’m shy and not a very good model…
None of our clients are models.  We started this business to bring out the beauty in everyday women.  With our gorgeous makeover and expert direction from our photographer, we create images where you will look and feel amazing. Our photographer has photographed women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  We are here for every woman.

But I don’t really have a reason to do this…
And you don’t really need one!  Haven’t you ever wanted a beautiful portrait of yourself?  Well now you can have one that is modern, beautiful, and glamorous.  Women come in all the time just because.  Others come in to celebrate their birthday, bachelorette parties, Mother’s Day or just simply to remember how they look at this moment in time.  Why do we need a reason to be feel beautiful and get pampered?  We are women and we owe it to ourselves.

But I haven’t been to the gym in so long…
So?!  Unless you are planning on having a dramatic physical change, a few sessions at the gym won’t make a difference to this type of shoot.  Our posing techniques and expertise will make you feel sexy and embrace your shape.  We hide what you don’t want to reveal and bring out what you do!

What do I wear?
Normally for a 1 hour shoot, we suggest bringing 4 outfits. If you can’t narrow down your closet, we suggest bringing everything – the more the merrier.  Our style is modern glamour so we recommend bringing fabulous clothing that fits this theme.  The dressier – the better.  Here are some popular dos & don’ts:
– DO bring cocktail dresses.  You wore something special to that charity event or wedding?  Bring it!
– DO bring glamorous gowns.  Where else can you wear something so fabulous?!
– Avoid bringing anything that has a busy pattern.  They tend to distract from the most important thing – you.
– DO bring anything that shines, glitters or sparkle.
– DO NOT worry about shoes.  Our style is portrait photography so we are capturing your beauty from the waist up.
– DO bring fitted clothing.  Fitted clothing shows off your shape the best.  Bring clothing that maintains your hour glass shape.
– Avoid clothing that is baggy, bunchy or too loose.  Your shape gets lost in these types of clothing.  Our goal is to celebrate a woman’s beauty and we embrace all shapes.
– DO bring a beautiful lace corset or lingerie set if you feel comfortable.  We love celebrating a woman’s femininity in gorgeous lingerie.
– If you are doing a group photo with your mom, sisters, or girlfriends, we recommend bringing at least one outfit in the same color palette for this fun photo set.

Do I need to prepare for my makeover?
Please make sure you wash your hair the night before or morning of.  Come in with dry hair and no makeup on.  Remember to moisturize your face the night before and get plenty of rest.

Can you photoshop out scars, tan lines, etc…?
Yes – this is included for fully retouched images.  We create images where you look amazing.  Using our artistic discretion, we remove elements that may distract from the beauty of the photo.  We want you to look like you of course, but a glammed up, very hot version of you.

Should I get a manicure, wax, color, etc…?
While we are experts at photoshop, we can’t create things that don’t exist.  We recommend taking the necessary steps that you would normally take to beautify yourself prior to a special occasion.  We are here to take timeless, beautiful photographs of you and we ask that you put your best foot/chin forward.

Can I wear my glasses?
We prefer to photograph women without eyewear because we feel most of the connection to the photograph is in the eyes.  A woman’s expression is as equally important as her body language.  However, we understand that some women feel more like themselves with glasses on.  We honestly can’t imagine Tina Fey any other way.

Have more questions?  Feel free to contact us at info@jetaimebeauty.com or 949-385-1539.